SMYB's Mission is to provide the youth of our community with instruction and guidance in their development, both mentally and physically, in the game of Baseball while building their character and sportsmanship in a safe, positive, and fun environment.

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Q: How long does the season run?  What is the time commitment for players?

A: Practices begin the week of 2/4.  Games begin the end of February and run until late May or early June.  Shetland Division teams practice one night per week and on Saturdays until games begin.  Once games begin Shetland teams practice one night per week and play games on Saturdays only.  Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony Division teams practice one night per week and on Saturdays until games begin.   Once games begin teams practice one night per week and play games on Saturdays. Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony Teams may occasionally play games on either Tuesday or Thursday nights.

Q: How do I know what division my child should play in?  What are the fees?

A: We offer 5 divisions for players ages 5-14.  Shetland Division is $130 per player, Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony Divisions are $175 per player.

Shetland (T-Ball) Division - For players ages 5 & 6 with birth dates between September 1, 2012 & August 31, 2014

Pinto (Machine Pitch) Division - For players ages 7 & 8 with birth dates between September 1, 2010 & August 31, 2012

Mustang Division - For players ages 9 & 10 with birth dates between September 1, 2008 & August 31, 2010

Bronco Division – For players ages 11 & 12 with birth dates between September 1, 2006 & August 31, 2008

Pony Division -For players ages 13 & 14 with birth dates between September 1, 2004 & August 31, 2006


Q:  Where do my fees go?  What is included for each player?

A:  San Marcos Youth Baseball is a non-profit, volunteer run organization.  Every dollar from registration fees is used to benefit the players, parents and coaches who participate.  Players receive a jersey and hat as well as a basic photo package. Other league expenses include but are not limited to: insurance, playing equipment (baseballs, catcher’s gear, face masks and heart guards), field maintenance equipment (chalk, hoses, bases, pitching machines, brooms, rakes, etc.), light bills, scoreboard upgrades, turf repair bills and repairs to the snack bar.  


Q: What additional equipment will I need to purchase for my child?

A:  Players should have their own glove, bat and batting helmet, and a bat bag of some sort is recommended.  Players in the Pinto through Pony divisions are also required to wear a protective cup. In addition to the provided jersey and hat, players should have baseball pants, belts and socks.  Managers will specify what color should be purchased.

Q: How many games will we play?

A: Our goal is to provide a minimum of 12 games in the regular season.   We schedule more than that in preparation of rain outs. If rain outs occur, we will make all efforts to reschedule games as needed to try and ensure that all teams play 12 games. Since Shetland only plays on the weekend, the number of games will be based on the number of Saturdays during the season.

Q: My child cannot attend the evaluations on the designated date.  Can he/she still play this season?

A:  Yes.  All players who register, pay their registration fees, and are not on a wait list will be placed on a team for the Spring 2019 season. The League understands that sometimes conflicts arise, but every effort should be made to attend the evaluations so that players’ skills can be assessed. Player evaluations give every manager a chance to see the players before team drafts take place.  Accurate assessment of skills allows our managers to form teams that are equally balanced. Shetland division players do not have a skills evaluation.

Q:  We want to carpool with our friend/neighbor.  Can we request for our kids to be on the same team?  Can I request a specific coach or practice day?

A:  SMYB does not honor friend requests or schedule requests.  Teams in the Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony divisions are formed via draft.  Teams in the Shetland division are randomly assigned. Practice schedules are selected by Managers.  Players will not be permitted to switch teams in the event that practices conflict with another outside activity.

Q: What happens if we have conflicts or my child changes his/her mind?  Are we able to cancel the registration?

A:  Yes.  Registrations can be cancelled.  You must notify our Registration Director and Treasurer in writing no later than the first game of the season.  If written notification is received prior to the uniform being distribution, $10.00 of the registration fee will not be returned. If the uniform has been distributed, the cost of the uniform plus $10.00 will be deducted from the registration fee. Requests for refunds due to medical issues will be decided by the SMYB board.   

Q: I want to manage or help coach my child’s team.  How do I apply? I’ve never coached before. Is that OK?

A:  Thank you for volunteering!  Volunteers are the core of our organization and any help is appreciated.  You may submit an application through the registration link on our website.  Applications must be received before January 5, 2019 to be considered. SMYB provides equipment and training for all managers regardless of experience levels.  Please note that ALL on field adults ages 18 and up are required to submit to a background check before they may participate.

Q: Do you offer scholarships or financial assistance?

A:  SMYB will work with parents and family members to set up payment plans and can offer financial assistance.  Requests are considered on a case by case basis. Please contact our Registration Director or Treasurer for more information.